Focus Group

NLP Students KLWhat is a Focus Group ?

Each focus group will highlight a specific topic or technique and explore practical ways in which to enhance your knowledge and skills.  Discover new ways you may use this in your business, with your clients or for yourself.

The aim is to inspire, motivate and provide you with a friendly, safe environment in which you have the opportunity to fine tune your skills and support the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

Why come to our Focus Group?

  • Discover more Practical Applications of NLP
  • Increase Your Confidence with clients
  • Experiment with new ideas/techniques you've been curious about
  • Build on your own resources and knowledge
  • Network with other practitioners
  • Be supportive andsupported
  • Revise what you know and Share your own experiences/ideas

These focus session are your opportunity to practise and enhance your own experience and knowledge with these tools.  Continuing your own self development is essential as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer (especially in this field, where there is always something more to learn).  Building on what you know and how you can go beyond that...

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Think NLP DifferentlyWhat will we be doing during this Focus Group? 

This is Your Focus Group:  So if you have a burning desire or interest in a specific topic - request it!  Contact Debbie directly 4 weeks prior and add your flavour to the mix

Topics of Interest could include :

Building Rapid Rapport – (This is actioned in every focus group)

Parts Integration – Reviewing the process, identifying the part, practising the technique.

Basic & Advanced Anchoring – Increasing your own sensory acuity skills and accuracy.

Working with Clients – Setting up appropriate preframes / how to interview clients and know if they are ready.

Dealing with Anxiety -  Discuss specific ailments and how you may effectively deal with them.

Occassionally we will invite other experts (Specialist Doctors, Pyschiatrists, Corporate Management and alike) to also discuss their perspective and answer any of your questions.

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How do I get the most value out of our next Focus Group?

First... Make a personal commit to yourself.

Seond...  Ensure we know your coming (reserve your place). 

Third... Be Prepared and Take personal responsibility to get the most out of each session

  • Start today in revising and preparing for the topic of interest
  • Listening to the relevant CD's
  • Looking through your training Manual and Reference Book
  • Prepare your Questions - email them in prior to event
  • Suggest a case study to look at (email 4 weeks prior to the event)
  • Researching into possible references which could be valuable to all members
  • Set yourself a couple of personal SMART goals that you'd like to achieve from this specific focus group

When is the Next Focus Group?

Our focus groups run every 2 - 3 months, usually on the last Sunday of that month, between the hours of 1pm - 4pm.

Check our events calender for our next get together or contact Debbie directly on 0402 623 375 and we'll keep you posted on any upcoming focus group events. Tell us more about yourself, your experience and what you want to acheive out of these focus groups. 

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