Looking for Love

single?  desperate?  still looking?

isn't it interesting that when we are desperately looking for love, in our daily lives we are bombarded with images of "happy couples" we see them on the bus, in the street even as we switch on the TV... there they are.  Sometimes it's like the whole universe is just rubbing it in our face.

Or maybe we are !!

Your thinking around relationships, you inner thoughts, images, feelings make a  difference.  Energy goes where the focus flows.  Listen to what you say to yourself when you think about the word relationships.  Do you say things like

"I'll never find the right man/woman"

"my last relationship was so hurtful that I will never let anyone so close again"

"I'm so bad at relationships, I jump in too quick, fall in love and get hurt"

"I don't deserve a great relatioship"

"Who would want to be with me anyway?"

And then we wonder.... why don't I have the right person in my life!

All relationships start with you, while you may or may not be aware of the thoughts, feeling and images you hold in your mind consciously, it can sometimes be the unconscious thoughts, the feelings about who you are, the invisible barrier - body language or beliefs that you project which prevents you from meeting the right person.  

The best way to start any relationship is to feel first complete and whole within yourself.  Be confident about who you are (warts and all). Decide that you are worthy of a fantastic relationship.  Be ready to work at it and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Feel Good first about you! 

We tend look for those qualities in others which we may feel
we miss or do not have within ourselves... (and then over time - we may end up hating them for it
!) Through our weekend workshops or personal break through
sessions you can discover
· What do you really want
· What is it that your looking for in someone else and
· What is really preventing you from having the relationship
you search for.

To start you own journey and understand more about what you want in your ideal relationshp, Do this simple exercise and discover more about yourself and what really holding you back.

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