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Business & Life Coach....because Life's a beach!

In this highly competitive world of business your market value are in direct proportion to the quality of your skills. Whether you are selling your services, product, concepts and ideas…Effective Communication is an absolute must. Business & Life Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your mind. You know the importance of keeping your body fit, mind fitness is probably even more important.

Deborah EdwardsWhy work with a Business and Life Coach?

There are a variety of reasons successful people choose to work with a Business or Life coach. Some clients are seeking more clarity around what they really want in their career. They feel board, dissatisfied, unhappy in their current role or they are looking for more balance or more challenge. They may be seeking something that is more in alignment with their own personal or business values. Others want to boost their skill-set, learn how to communicate with more influence as well as how to change their own internal self-talk - Gain authentic personal motivation, creativity or a new attitude and approach to life.
The way in which I do Business Coaching is focused on your personal values, discovering what's preventing you or holding you back as well as what's working. We'll use a number of different modalities (personality profiling, Neuro Linguistic programming, Hypnosis, etc) to get where you want to be. When you work together with me you'll quickly experience the benefits of creating...

  • The right direction that is in align with your lifestyle
  • Transform those behaviours which do not support you
  • Create more Good habits and attitudes.
  • Discover your personal strategies to deal successfully deal with any obstacles of negative self-talk, pressures and stress.

    Investing in your professional development will bring that fundamental shift with your business

    My offer to you: 20min obligation free phone consultation to discover what's else is possible and how I can assist you to get where you need to go. Call now to book your 20min consultation on 0402 623 375.  

    Clinical Supervision

    What is Supervision?

    If you are working in the field of Mental Health, supervision is an imperative part of your business. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your industry along with expanding your thinking with different perspectives from other professionals in the industry.

    Supervision can be conducted in small groups between as little as 2 and as many as 5 people. One on one supervisions sessions are also available.


    It is a formal arrangement where both parties agree to meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Together we openly discuss; specific clients; personal challenges; training opportunities; business practises as well provide resources and or support. Positively focusing on your professional experiences, knowledge and business practises.

    Why do Supervision Sessions?


    Whilst Professional supervision is a requirement from Professional Mental Health Associations, The benefits of working together with peers or individually are priceless. Fresh New perspectives, ongoing support, expanding on your skills, sharing resources, increasing your own self awareness and personal insights.


    Supervision is just one way in which you can walk your talk - seeking professional assistance in order to learn and keep focused on what's important. Providing you a safe space to explore your skills set, self-awareness, insights and personal learnings that best assist you to be the most effective therapist and coach you can be.

      What can I expect during a supervision session?

      Supervision occurs either as individual sessions or Group supervision with 3 – 5 members. Each supervision session is based on the current needs for the group or individual.
      Dependant on your experience and needs we may cover a healthy mix of focuses including and not limited to:
      • Discussions and suggestions regarding how to work with existing clients
      • Personal and professional challenges regarding clients or business related issues.
      • Education and expansion of thinking regarding theories and techniques.
      • Example case studies and references for further education.
      • Role Plays and or practise of techniques and theories.
      • Business practises: Administration, Marketing and Important processes.
      • Constructive Feedback from the group and/or supervisor.
      • Accountability for your own learning path and goals.

      How often do I need to have Professional Supervision?

      Most associations recommend a minimum of 1 hour/month for individual supervision and 2 hours/month for group supervision. However it is best to check with your association regarding requirements for your level of membership.

      What is the cost?

      Individual Supervision start at $150 for one hour or $175 for 1.5 hours and is on a needs be basis. Discounts available for Regular session of 6 months or more
      Group Supervision Sessions consist of 3 – 5 people costs $75.00 for a 2 hour session, once a month**.
      **For Group supervision, we want to ensure the integrity of the group and an opportunity to build on the relationship and group dynamics. I will only accept supervisee’s who are willing to commit to a 3 – 6 month period, attending all meetings on a monthly basis for 1 - 2 hours, dependant on the size of the group.

      Where are the Supervision Sessions held?

      Individual and Group sessions are conducted either Face to Face; phone or video conferencing.
      For more information contact Deborah directly via mobile on 0402 723 375

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