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Octavian provides a number of International certifications, weekend workshops, customised business trainings and seminars aimed to teach you strategies you can put to use immediately in your business as well as a personal experience to accelerate your own personal growth.

NLP Practitioners 2005


Your NLP Practitioner Certificate

This Internationally recognised training has all the foundation theory and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming. A highly interactive course with essential hands on practical exercises to compliment your business, relationships and personal development.

Students learn new skills to apply immediately into their professional field and/or discover how to resolve personal conflicts and improve on areas of communication.

This training can bring about profound change as you work with new strategies, changed patterns of behaviour and thinking. Find out more about this NLP Practitioner training or Express your interest and we will send you the training schedule and more detailed information.

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Hypnosis Exercise

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate- Internationally Recognised

Learn to See things DifferentLearn how to use NLP from a higher level. See it from a different perspective.
This more advanced level and training completes the practitioner techniques and theories. Essential expertise in business or coaching  Explore the complexities of the human mind, language and behaviour.

Experiment with all techniques combined, each participant recieving a supervised personal breakthrough session to resolve any personal or professional conflicts or personal issues. Learn how you can make fundamental shifts permanent for others. Read more

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Why get International Recognition?

An International certification, gives you the choice to practice and use your skills anywhere in the world. Recognised globally as an effective and powerful set of modalities, you can use these techniques to help boost and expand your own business.

Your Professional Field

What if I don't want to be Certified?

Not all students do our training just for the International accreditation. Many find that the real value comes from the experience of resolving their own personal emotional conflicts, habits and behaviour. You will realise that course will go well beyond just learning traditional NLP skills, it will give you a rock solid foundation for implementing the theories, knowledge and experiences into your relationships, business and health.

Who should attend these trainings?

Parents, managers, teachers, coaches, entrepreneur, students, partners, sales and human resources personnel, receptionists, doctors, psychologists, dentists, rally drivers, professional sports people. Anyone who has an invested interest in their personal growth and upgrading their professional skills for working respectfully with others.

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