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In this highly competitive world of business, your market value is in direct proportion to the quality of your skills.

When selling services, products or ideas, effective communication and resilience within your team is essential

We love to work with small and medium enterprises and are passionate about supporting you to get results.  

“Companies that have a strategic investment in employee development report 11% better profitability and are 2 times more likely to retain their employees."

Gallup Research, 2021

Staff Meeting

Business Solutions

Professional coaching

Why do Professional Coaching?

Professional Coaching will benefit your business and your professional reputation.  Learning to engage with effective communication skills and a professional mindset is essential to performing at your peak and sustaining mental fitness, compassion and resilience in business.  

•    Upgrade your communication and leadership skills
•    Gain confidence and conquer any limiting beliefs or self doubt
•    Create authentic job satisfaction and balance
•    Discover creative solutions for any challenge
•    Align your personal and professional values
•    Enhance your personal strategies to successfully deal with any obstacles
•    Build resilience and release unnecessary pressure and stress


Practical Application

Immediately implementing tools & concepts into your everyday life is encouraged to accelerate & maintain the changes you want to create in your life.


& Passion

We believe in your ability to transform your mindset & drive towards your ultimate goals and desires.



Whilst we all deal with challenges, we do not lose sight of having a good sense of humour & our ability to have fun.  You'll gain knowledge, insights & wisdom with a new level of self-compassion & kindness. 



Discover the immense value from advanced techniques and processes that suit your specific situation and individual challenges. Tap into your skillset and expand on your personal and professional abilities.



We hold a strong reputation for building on your personal best & moving beyond what you believed was possible.  Working together & in alignment with the diversity of colourful cultures & belief systems.

Synergy & Balance

Octavian is focused on enhancing your life & increasing those moments of peace and connection.  Living with authenticity & boundaries in all relationships, (business, community, family, partners & self).
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Employment Assistance Program (EAP) for Australian Business

Access to a Company EAP can reduce risk and optimise staff performance. A proactive approach can assist in reforming conflict, increase job satisfaction, support change and reduce absenteeism.  Our EAP is designed to assist staff in mastering life demands and balance expectations.

Octavian's EAP provides support for personal and work-related problems such as:
  • Coaching for Performance issues

  • Conflict and communication challenges

  • Assistance with Relationship & family problems

  • Panic attacks and Anxiety

  • Alcohol, drug/gambling dependency

  • Grief & bereavement

  • Anger and depression

  • Stress

  • Healthy boundaries and behaviours

  • Facilitate interpersonal conflict

Discreet confidential counselling and Crisis management services are available for Small and Medium Enterprises.


Workshops | Presentations | Keynote speaker

For a unique experience during your next conference, meeting or celebration, Deborah is available for presentations, podcasts or workshops.

What ever your goals, Deborah will inspire and liven up your next work function.

Consider these crucial issues below to establish how your team could benefit.

•    Are You OK day
•    Health & wellbeing
•    Effective communication
•    Hypnosis & meditation
•    Motivation & peak performance

Investing in your teams professional development will bring a fundamental shift to your business.

Trust is the keyword and Deborah just has this amazing aura of making you feel safe and secure.  Let Deborah  help you find the 'excellent' you within you!

- D Martin

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