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Transform Powerful Emotions

Working with Deborah, you'll take a closer look at your emotions & learn the skills of acceptance with kindness & compassion. Avoid the long-term effects of suppressed experiential events & discover new tools to heal & find meaningful resolutions.

The words you use do not describe the world you live in; they determine the world you live in.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can change your neuro networks to empower and maintain change. 


Create a compassionate relationship with difficult emotions. Cultivate a center calm and balance that allows you to be more present in your life. Experience a new depth of gratitude and acceptance.

You can learn to regulate your emotions with the skill of acute awareness and open the door to healing those parts of yourself that have been ignored for far too long.

Balance your Emotions


Reprogram Negative Self-talk & Catastrophic Thinking

Catastrophic thinking not only changes your personality but also impacts your self-esteem and relationships, causing unnecessary personal suffering and pain.

•  Silence the critical self-talk
•  Stop the drama of catastrophic thinking
•  Discover how to boost your self-confidence 
•  Cultivate self-compassion and a peaceful mindset
•  Brighten your attitude and vision of your future

Deborah will help you break through negative thought patterns and behaviours with simple tools and strategies that you can implement today.

Lotus Flower

Overcome Unhealthy Habits & Behaviours

Over time we learn ways to manage and deal with challenges, these can build into destructive habits and behaviours which stop us from reaching our desired goals.

•  Break free from emotional eating
•  Let go of self-sabotaging behaviours
•  Eliminate bad habits (stop smoking, insomnia, nail-biting)
•  Conquer phobias and fears
•  Stop procrastinating

Let Deborah help you discover how to transform destructive behaviours into healthy habits and actions. 


Be Better Together with Couple Therapy

To heal & create long term healthy relationships, we need practical strategies and effective communication tools.  The aim of Couple Therapy is to develop and assist both partners to:

• Generate greater understanding between yourself and your partner
• Cultivate feelings of respect, affection and intimacy
• Process negative emotions and moments of miscommunication
• Learn how to fight well, and repair conflict

Allow Deborah to give you the tools you can implement today to create the relationship you know is possible.

Time spent with Deborah has been invaluable. I will be referring everybody I know and I'm looking forward to more one on one sessions for myself.  ”

- Mark Stephens

What to Expect

Expect the unexpected! Deborah may work differently from other therapists you've seen in the past. You may work together in a variety of ways: Individual therapy, Accelerated Breakthrough Program, Couple therapy or Coaching Program or a mix of these over time. 


All therapy and coaching programs involve aspects of psychotherapy, psychoeducation, NLP, Hypnosis and modalities that are customised to best suit your situation and desired outcomes.  Learn more about Deborah's methods.

Individual Psychotherapy

Sessions are individually paced and will occur in a creative and non-judgemental space. Be curious as you and Deborah  explore your strengths and challenges with new founded kindness and compassion.


You'll gain a new depth of understanding and perspective about your problem in relationship with your behaviours, patterns, values and beliefs. For best results sessions are conducted either weekly or fortnightly. 

Coaching Session

Coaching sessions are solution-focused with specific goals and outcomes in mind.  Designed to instil a new level of accountability, effective strategies and balance to maximise your performance. 


The sessions have a collaborative and supportive approach to unlock your full potential.  The initial 2 to 4 sessions are delivered either weekly or fortnightly before shifting to regular or monthly sessions.

Couple Therapy

This therapy is designed to restore and enhance your relationship with practical exercises, techniques and authentic conversations. You and Deborah will work in a highly collaborative and structured format, focusing on your strengths, challenges and expectations within your relationship.

Based on Gottman's method backed by rigorous evidential research, sessions occur over an agreed time frame (15 -25 sessions) or as an accelerated couples weekend retreat. 

Accelerated Breakthrough

This is an intense, focused and brief form of therapy, specifically suited for people who are looking for rapid results. Recommended for people who are willing, ready and 100% committed for change.


Tasks may be set and action required before any therapy or intervention work can begin. A unique program delivered in 2 -3 hour block sessions with an average of 10 - 15 sessions.

Where & how sessions are delivered

Deborah's practice is located in Sydney, Australia (Bondi and Edgecliff office). Sessions are available either in person via video conferencing or phone. 

In accordance with Covid 19 public health orders, Deborah follows the latest guidelines on mask wearing and social distancing practices.  For the safety of immune-compromised clients, staff and community, indoor face to face sessions are only available to fully vaccinated clients. 


Hourly fee is based on the type of therapeutic direction agreed on.  Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. Initial assessment session $440 (90 mins) 

What to expect

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Deborah is based in Sydney, Australia. Sessions are available in person, by phone or video conferencing.

A safe space, respectful of all cultural spiritual beliefs and gender diverse LGBTQI community. 

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We value your privacy as much as you do.  

We will not provide your personal details to any other parties. 

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